Construction Music Kits

Royalty Free Construction Music Kits

Here you can find a collection of royalty free music construction kits for any type of commercial use

A Music Kit is an ideal and quick way out when there is lack of time for hours-long search of perfect royalty free background music for your video project. A music kit may provide an inspiration for your upcoming projects and let you feel more free when creating your advertising video or slideshow presentation.
Also, music kits can be useful for bloggers whose aim is to create quickly their music background for youtube videos and also for video editors or directors who create video commercials, slideshows, trailers and documentaries. It can be useful for everybody who wants to get high quality background music and not to spend much time on editing ready made audio files.

So, What is a Royalty Free Music Kit exactly?

A music kit provides an access to music arrangement for people who are not experts at all in audio editing and music composing but who need perfectly fit audio for their video projects. All my music kits contain totally mixed and processed song sections divided into different blocks, so you can easily manipulate them to build custom arrangements. By re-combining song sections you can either recreate demo mixes from previews or craft an entirely new production. So, it’s a royalty free construction kit but not in the usual way.
It’s much better!

For example, if dynamics and original melody of my background music track called Uplifting Corporate Background, suit your video but the duration of the intro part does not – it is not a problem: just purchase my Uplifting Corporate Background Music Kit, then drop song sections of this music kit into your video editor and repeat the intro part as many times as you want to fit perfectly the background music of your video.
See this example on the screenshot below:
It is very simple. No complications!
As Envato says: ”A music kit is just like musical Lego!”

So, if you have to be more flexible with audio editing while doing your media project or if you have to fit your audio exactly to fixed timing and have 100% matching result, you should use Music Kits.
Even professionals need some inspiration from time to time. So if you need something that can help save your time and be inspired to spend it in more useful and creative way, then my collection of royalty free music kits is exactly what you need.