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What's Logic Pro anyway?

Hear that powerful drumming in the background of the movie? The way it sets the momentum for the scene? There's nothing like the acoustic experience of being surrounded by a wall of music. And you can create booming, masterful tracks yourself using professional Logic Pro templates.

Created by Apple, Logic Pro is a professional recording software that allows you to create exceptional music.

  • It's extremely powerful and is loved by professionals from all over the world for its great flexibility too. It's pretty much like having a recording studio right in your very home!
  • The audio you will produce with Logic Pro reaches quality levels you would achieve in a dedicated recording studio with very expensive equipment.
  • It's versatile and rich in tools. It doesn't really matter what genre or style of music you're working on. The interface and set of features of Logic Pro are good for transferring music ideas from your brain into digital work—any music ideas!
  • It's easy to use. Despite the amount of tools and features, Logic Pro has an intuitive interface that's going to be pretty simple to learn, especially if you're already familiar with Garageband. Whatever your workflow, this software is sure to integrate very well with it, making the music creation process smooth and easy.

And what about Logic Pro templates?

Looking for source files to use for your next music project with Logic Pro? You can find plenty in our collection. These top-quality assets will save you countless time and energy. Whether you're capable of creating beats yourself or would rather hire a professional, you can bypass all the hassle by downloading templates that will work perfectly with your next project.

Let's see what's so great about them:

  • Exceptional, high-quality sound. To give you an idea—many music tracks from our collection have been featured in commercials, shows, and online videos. Check out our Famous Five series to learn more!
  • You can also use them in combination with Logic's massive sound library for outstanding results.
  • And lastly, Logic Pro templates come in a variety of musical arrangements. You can find a nice rhythmic guitar beat to set the mood for a positive atmosphere. Or create an uplifting contemporary track for motivational content for a corporate project. There's even seasonal content—if you need a track with the magic of Christmas, we've got it!
  • Instrumentals are available too. You can find musical arrangements featuring your favorite instruments, from wicked electric guitars to romantic violin strings.
  • Plenty of genres to choose from. From drum 'n bass to acoustic!
  • Created by an awesome community of music professionals. All the items you find on AudioJungle have been hand-reviewed by our team, and created by passionate talented musicians from our global community.