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A look into our coolest beats

A mix of rap, beat boxing, fresh instrumental tracks and straight from the “hip hop culture” movement of the Seventies, hip hop music is more popular than ever—no wonder royalty free hip hop music makes up one of our largest music collections on AudioJungle! So what makes these tracks so great to use? Let’s explore some great benefits they can add to your projects:

  • Hip hop music features a multi-dimensional sound you can use for all sorts of creative work. No two hip hop tracks are alike. And if you choose wisely, you can incorporate the right music track into almost any creative project.
  • Hip hop music tracks give you great sound fast and easy. There’s both a science and an art to creating an awesome beat and it can take years to master this skill... But you can cut out all the extra work by downloading premium assets to fit a wide range of content.
  • They set the rhythm of your work. Rhythm is an important element to music and even more important when producing your own visual content. Set the pace and energy of your videos by including hip hop music in the background.
  • And finally, hip hop music is just cool ;) No doubt. There’s no other genre that can give you the same chill vibes while bringing you a beat that makes you nod your head. So take advantage of what this music has to offer to create modern, cool sounds.

And when it comes to cool, our collection of royalty free hip hop music is second to none! It’s a selection of great tracks created by a talented community of musicians. Plus, every track you’ll see here has been hand-reviewed by our team to make sure it meets our quality standards. You just have to click, preview and find the beat that’s right for you.
Here’s what you can expect from our tracks on AudioJungle:

  • High-quality hip hop sound. Our authors have provided our community with crisp, high-quality sounds created with industry-standard software. Hit “play” and enjoy great mixes of beats, vocals, and instrumentals.
  • Catchy beats. Again—give it a listen before you download it. If you’re looking for tunes that get easily stuck in your audience’s head, might as well try if they stick into your head first ;)
  • Multiple file formats available. Whether you prefer WAV tracks or MP3s, you’ll find the format you need.
  • Plenty of themes to choose from. Old school, new school, East coast, West coast… Hip hop music tracks can take on many forms. And whether you’re looking for a modern beat with chill vibes or one that pays homage to classic hip hop, we’ve got many styles to choose from. Slow things down or lay down some sick percussion—whatever works for you.