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A little guide to choosing corporate music tracks

Presentations, advertisement, promotional videos, marketing content: pretty much all areas of the corporate world can benefit from a piece of very good corporate music. But what does “corporate music” even mean? It’s certainly not a genre—corporate music can be rock, pop, folk and more. And if you’re thinking that this is all good and well, but the word “corporate” still sounds like “boring” in your mind—here are a few things to consider:

  • A good music track has the power to uplift your audience. Again—don’t confuse the word “corporate” for boring. At least not on AudioJungle ;)
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of background music for professional presentations. One great way to make a memorable and lasting impression is to include a powerful soundtrack with your presentation. And sure enough, you can find some great background music in our collection.
  • The right track also helps your message resonate with your audience more. You can create tension that builds just like in a movie, or inspire with powerful uplifting messages properly matched with some good tunes. 

Now for a bit of advice. What should you expect from your choice of corporate music track?

  1. Professional-level quality. This collection is packed with tunes with crisp, clear sounds composed by music professionals with many years in the business. Plus, every single track you’ll find has been assessed and matched against our quality standards by the AudioJungle review team.
  2. Slow- and fast-paced tempos to match your project. Whether you need a fast beat or want to slow it down for something serious, you can find a pace that matches your projects with ease.
  3. Many musical styles to choose from. Thousands of tracks are available for you to preview and make sure they’re what you’re looking for, depending on the project you’re working on. You can get a track with an awesome guitar element, or choose piano music if that’s more of a match to your style. Or you can search for different sub-themes, such as the all-time favourite motivational music (a top-pick in the world of corporate tracks) as well as energetic and optimistic tunes. There’s also a specific section dedicated to music that’s perfect for the news.
  4. Various formats available. Many of our authors here at AudioJungle also include several file formats for your convenience. Plus, as you browse through the collection, you can add useful filters to find what you need more easily: you can select the duration of the track, its tempo, the vocal option you prefer and whether you’d prefer a looped audio file.