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Welcome and thank you for visiting. The focus of Unseen Battle Productions here on AudioJungle is to supply quality instrumentals that are quick and easy to implement into your project.

Are you a fellow videohive or activeden author?

Any of my work is FREE for you to showcase in your projects as long as the audio can be purchased separately by your customers through this audiojungle portfolio. Please let me know if you do this so I can feature your work here and elsewhere around the net.

If you’re a videographer working on a project outside of the Envato marketplaces I’d love to help you score the music for it. Contact me using the form to the right and I’ll get back to you speedily. I can not only compose the music (or customize any item in my portfolio), but I can also sync the music to your video right down to the millisecond if you like.

You’ll find music in my portfolio for things like the following:

  • VideoHive projects.
  • ActiveDen projects.
  • Console or iOS video games.
  • Video presentations for your company.
  • Short films.
  • Background music for a radio commercial.
  • Intros or outros for a radio segment or Podcast.
  • Audio logos.

If you want to keep in touch with all that I’m up to and any other projects I’m working on please visit me at johncolumbo.com or follow me on Twitter.

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