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My name is Tihomir and I’m a freelance 3D modeller, Photographer and Web Designer. Lately I have focused on 3D modeling. Here you can find 3D models, textures, flash animations, 3d renders and stock photos. Feel free to view my work. Please share them on google, twitter and facebook. If you bought some of my products and if you are happy with it, do not forget to rate them. Thanks!

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HDRi Light baker Tool for Cinema 4D

HDRi Generator

3D Models for Element 3D Plugin

Element 3D is a Fast Open GL 3D object based particle Rendering Engine for After Effects, it is a third-party plugin created by Video Copilot. With Element 3D, you can import real 3d models to After Effects, and change all materials and other properties of model directly in After Effect. check out some of my models that are available in .e3d file format.

Element 3D

Recent 3D models & HDRi images

Hot Air Balloon HDRi Lighting Pills and Bottle Wind Turbine Cube Satellite Mini Submersible Samsung Curved Smart TV Kepler Telescope Air Conditioner Umbrella Billboard Advertisement 3D Bicycle Bottle Generic Calculator HDRi Light Room 6 Australian Dollar CoinHDRi Light BakerUSB Stick Dart Target 3D Dart Space X TurboFan Engine Whiteboard Web Camera Microphone 3D Model HDRi Image Roof tile Wine Bottle & Render Setup Jack Daniels Bottle & Render Setup 3D Safe Scroll Generic Book Digital Kitchen Scale Digital Scale Analog Scale Analog Kitchen Scale Voyager 3D Model Olympus Camera Christmas Bells HDRi Images Office Lamp MAVEN 3D Model 3D Fish Battery Dura Ace Samsung TV Tree Tree Red Bull PlayStation 4 3D Skateboard HDRi Studio Low Poly Low Poly HTC Droid Tripod Floor Lamp Bowling Pin Samsung TV Shampoo Bottle Fire Extinguisher Snow Animation Diamond snowman

3D Renders, Textures, Stock Photos and Flash Animations

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Realistic Fire Animation 3D Circle Preloader Animation Flash Particle Intro 3D Spin Flash Button 3D Welcome Intro Animation Flash Paper Transition Loading Animation Pack

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