Chill Out & Lounge 100 % Guitar Electronica Dance Urban Street Beatz
Ambient Summer Happy Life Theme Techno Dance Party Dub & Sex
Fashion Lounge Guitar Memories Breakdance Star Jungle beats
Cinematic Groove Sentimental Holidays Techno House Electroshock Blues
Zen Beats Spanish Guitar Electro Funky Punky Attraction
Latin Children and kids Motion - Video Games Logos
Latin Groove Children and Kids Dubstep Arcade Logo Reveal
Flamenco Spirit Baby Lullaby Speed Game Nature Motion
Chocolata Sexy Sentimental Holidays Video Tech-Corporation Logo Bell
Bossa Nova Funky School Gamer Western Evening
Sentimental & Romatic Miscelanious Motivational Cinematic
Magic Dream Fashion Web Happy Life Theme Spy Film Trailer
Chill & Love Hang & Violin Acid Breakdance Secrets& Lies
Green Orchestra Lamps Funky School Rovi Cofee
Vintage Love Green Orchestra Peters Apollo 2012

Monobeat Studio is a small music production and sound design studio established in Barcelona. We are a group of friends who make music together for many years and we work in different music styles (Ambient, Cinematic, Electronic, Down Tempo, Flamenco…).

If you need any collaboration or rearrangements of any of our tracks, fell free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. We always are really interested in seeing how our music is used and cross promote your work.

- Travel Through Light by Bogz user. Used song: Opener HQ by Monobeat Studio.

- Burned Beauties by lasgole user. Used song: Chill & Love by Monobeat Studio.

- Titles Clean by ATIKO user. Used song: Ambient summer lounge by Monobeat Studio.

- Flip Design by Thenext user. Used song: Electroshock Blues by Monobeat Studio.

- Online Promo by Smudgethis user. Used song: Happy Magic Dream by Monobeat Studio.

- Retro Shock by Sharky user. Used song: Electro Disco Dance Groove by Monobeat Studio.

- Twinkling Squares Spinning Globe – Pack 02 -by Acme_Designs :

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