mArtin Xaver

  • profession: musician, singer, songwriter (Viennese dialect)
  • plays: bass, rhodes, grand piano, guitar
  • main-instrument: voice
  • all recordings in HDR (High Dynamic Range)
    (Stop the Loudness War!)
  • hobbies: PHP & CSS, Arduino, painting

btw: The picture was taken on top of the Rax (here :-) ).
After about 147 tryings, I finally managed it to jump exactly in the right moment…

Comparable to this picture I like to compose, arrange, record and master my music.
Clear and easy – but not simple, preferring acoustic instruments and voice in any style.

I would be happy if you like what you can hear – and if the work on my other music would permit it, I will upload a new song on audiojungle every 4-6 weeks.

Thank you for listening and have a nice day!

PS: Any question (PM) about my work will be answered…