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Hello everyone! You are right if you’re here, because just here you can find some human music in this jungle! My name is Oleg, I am a musician, musical producer and composer from Penza, from Russia. I like to write music for theatrical productions, for children, for web media, songs etc., so more of my music is custom-made and if you’ll order smthng to me, I’ll write smthng fresh especially for you! (contact me in this case on gorbio@mail.ru).
Many thanks for visiting and welcome again, music unites!
Dear Evanto market autors, be free to use previews of my tracks in your video or other media and give me links, please!
And rate, please, my items and my collections, if you like them!
Also see more my music on Soundcloud, please!

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My music in “Bark & Howl Press Ltd” promo:
4 Cats (and a Balalaika)Track of Time
31 Frogs (and a Piano)Snow Maiden
14 Bears (and a violin)Slovak Polka Pizzicato

My tracks on:
Google Play
Hot Pursuit
YouTubeOn Machu Picchu
videohiveNeapolitan BanjoYouTube
YouTubeItalian SongYouTube
YouTubeBubbles Paradise
Spain on My Mind in “Life in 2 minutes” video
Video with Laksmi RodriguezNight Bus
And you can find your music on YouTube with:

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