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I’m Robert. I’m independent stock audio producer. My passion is creating new sounds and making alternative music. I play and record what I really like, not what is popular, so some of my ideas are quite original. Here you can hear small part of my sounds. My sounds were downloaded thousands times from many sites and they were used by many famous brands like: Mercedes, Skoda, YellowPages, Lynx, The Museum of Modern Art New York and many more. I’m also the author of top selling notification tones on iTunes. The collection is growing every week when I have time for describing them.

All my music and sfx are royalty free, no any additional PRO or broadcasting fees needed. I’m not registered at any ad claiming service like AdRev so you won’t have any legal problems when using my audio.

Thank you for visiting me!

I want to thank you all my customers for confidence and smile you make with every purchase. If you need any modifications, help with sync problems or individual sample requests give me a sign writing via sitemail or leaving a comment.

– If you need a preview comp for SFX (AJ do not provides them) write to me for watermarked mp3.

I DO NOT provide mp3 versions due to problems with looping them and limited bit rate available to submit on AJ (only 320 bps). You may use quick audio converter online like this one. But if you have problems with conversion just write to me for desired audio format

You want to use SFX or music in your VH or TF project ? Just use watermarked preview and put a link to the file in your item’s description.

– You want to include my SFX or music in your VH or TF project and sell as one product? Just buy extended license for items you desire.

- If you need custom sound I can create it for stock price if it has wide usability and can be sold on stocksites.

- My previews are about 2 db quieter than original files to avoid clipping with watermark and give real dynamic sound in previews

- I work in individual projects as freelancer on Right Menaged or Royalty Free rules

- I do not use FOLLOW feature – it does not mean that I do not like you, I like listening music and commenting audio of AJ people. Following me can be annoying cause I will flood your box with tiny noises :)

If you like this kind of stuff visit me at: www.fxprosound.com if you didn’t find what you’re looking for take a look at:

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\\see you in the real world…

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