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Hello, welcome to my profile page. 

     My name is Eugene Kazantsev – I’m musician,composer and music producer . I create advertising, background music in different styles. Above all I like Slavonic folk music and world music.   I play by myself and record such instruments like :balalaika, mandolin, ukulele, piano, percussion. I use Live instruments in all my works.  
      “Thank you for buying my music! Please don’t forget to rate it!If you need to make some changes in my items, make longer or shorter, add or remove some instruments – just write me. I’ll be grateful  for any feedbacks  from you…  ’’.   Best regards, Eugene Kazantsev

My Collections

Russian Style Music            Russian Logo
          Russian Folk Music                                          Logo (ringtone) recorded with
           for commercial use                                             live  balalika and accordion

Ukrainian Music            Piano Intro
             Ukrainian Folk Music                                   Intros and backgrounds with
               for commercial use                                                  live piano  solo
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