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Greetings! Thanks for dropping by Epic Sounds and FX. We’ll be posting our Audio Jungle exclusive music, sound effects and soundscapes right here. If you’re looking for some cool music or cinematic sound effects check out our partner in audio mayhem – Ghetty. Hear some of Ghetty’s sonic creations below:


Protectors of Earth
The Last Stand

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Featured Channels!

Ghetty – Non Exclusive Music & Sound Effects
Epicstock – Cinematic Impacts, Risers & Game Sounds
Soundbuddy – Exclusive Video & Sound Effects
SoundBuddys Video Showcase

Need Cool Trendy Music?

Sweet Apple Pie
Helping Hands
Memories of the Past
Disturbing Sound Scape
Seize the Moment
Could It Be True
Eastern Dreams
Sentimental Piano Indent
Am I Dreaming
Dark Inquisition
Reality Check Drone
Hard Truth Drone
Fishing for LOVE
Waiting for Answers
Desert Spy
Danger Around Every Corner Drone
Dark Research
Almost There
Too Fresh
Growing Closer
Dark Piano

Want Some Ambiences or Loops?!!

Horror Sci-fi Wind
Heavy Rain Loop
Light Rain Loop
Video Game Tension Atmosphere
Wind Loop
Winter Wind Loop
Dark Video Game Atmosphere
Dungeon Wind

Looking for some Epic Cinematic Impact Sounds

Cinematic Impact A!
Movie Trailer Synth Impact
Cinematic Impact B comes with 6 variations CLICK HERE TO LOOK
Cinematic Impact C is Badass!

Looking For Dark Drone Movement and Transition Sounds?

Cave Drone
Cave Drone 6 USE at your OWN RISK
Dark Movement Drone
Dark Electricity Drone
Dark Movement Drone 2

NEED User Interface Sounds?

Water Bubble Pop 1# Best Seller!!
Bubble Pop
Message Pop
Message Pop Up
Epic Coins Pack
Social Media Message Bubble
Bubble Pop
Instant Message Tone
Instant Message Tone 2
Warning Sound
Error Notification
High Frequency Error Alert

Want Epic Game Sounds

Epic Sword Shings
Ninja Sword Impact
Quick Sword Slice
Fast Sword Throat Cut
Epic Explosion Pack
Light Whoosh Pack
Sword Movement SoundPack
Epic Drink Pour
Juicy Weapon Impact
Bloody Weapon Impact
Epic Sword Shings
Quick Knife Slice
Fire Whoosh
Heavy Whoosh
Knife Swing
Sword Whoosh
Sword Chop
Knife Stab
Sword Flesh Impact
Bloody Impact
Shield Block

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