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Come Home – super ambient with very soft piano
Feathers of a Pheonix – beautiful and emotional piano piece
Ascending Dreams – joyful and inspirational piano piece
Summer Dream – a playful children’s piano piece
Piano by the Sea – beautiful and soft piano piece


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Site templates:
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Image rotators:
3D XML Portfolio 3D XML Slideshow/Gallery/Banner Image Viewer SIMPLE & EASY LOGO SCROLLER TIMELINE BANNER ROTATOR FEATURE BANNER ROTATOR with slide buttons ULTIMATE BANNER ROTATOR Easy XML Banner Rotator Linked Images Easy XML Image Viewer Easy XML Slideshow The Looking Glass XML Image Galleries V1-6 Package The Looking Glass V6 Zoomed, Looped and Linked The Looking Glass V5 XML Image Gallery The Looking Glass (V4) Looped & Linked XML Image Gallery The Looking Glass (V3) Linked XML Image Gallery The Looking Glass (V2) Looped XML Image Gallery The Looking Glass XML Image Gallery

MASKED IMAGE BLUR XML MENU EXPANDING XML INFO BOXES XML INFO BOXES 3D XML Project Thumbnail Buttons Menu Horizontal Sliding Unlimited XML Tree Menu 3D XML Menu Unlimited XML Tree Menu Circular Masked Slideshow XML Menu Rectangular Masked Slideshow XML Menu Attached XML Menu The Spine XML Image Menu Creative Iconic Menu PROJECT THUMBNAIL BUTTONS Simple XML Menu Stylish XML Menu The Shifting Menu (XML) The Snake Menu (V2) (XML) The Snake Menu (XML) Scaling Menu Bounce Menu Vertical Bounce Menu Horizontal Stardust Menu Tweened Underlined Menu

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Flash Files Support FAQ

Your file isn’t working for me. Can you help me?
Please check that you kept the file structure the same as the original files when bought
Please check that all your file (images, thumbnails, etc) references are correct
Please check that your XML file doesn’t contain any errors

Is it possible to make some changes to the file?
In the description for my FlashDen files, it is clearly outlined and stated what can be changed or what is dynamic. If you want to change something else other than what you can dynamically change, you will have to edit the FLA. If desired, you can contact me to have additional development done on the file for more specific customizations, but of course this is not part of the FlashDen price; if you need more work done on a file, it will be charged at an hourly rate as freelance work.

When I publish the Flash movie to be embedded in an HTML file, the movie is not functioning correctly when I resize the window.
This happens because of the alignment and sometimes because of the scale mode that is set in the HTML code. Make sure that the Flash object is aligned to the top and to the left, and make sure the scale mode is set to noscale. For example, in the embed tag you might have a salign value, set this to “lt”. Wherever you see a scale attribute, set it to “noscale” and whenever you see a align attribute, set it to “left”.

I am trying to load your SWF into another Flash file, but it is not working. / I purchased your file and I cannot open it in Flash.
Please ensure that you are in Flash CS3, AS3, Flash Player 9. All my files are in CS3, AS3, player 9 or above.

This FAQ is based upon real questions that are commonly asked by buyers of my files.

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