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I’m an independent musician and composer, dealing with a lot of different generes of music, from rock to soundtrack, from ambient to children’s lullabies . The feelings expressed by my music varies a lot from romance and love to epic fantasy, from thriller and horror to hope and joy: you will find for sure something that suits your needs and tastes in my portfolio!

I’m a guitarist, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, with an experimental attitude. I have plenty of exotic instruments collected around the world (indian sitar, chinese erhu, dizi and guzheng, turkish saz, etc) and I like to combine them with samples and synth sounds from the PC, as well experimenting with sound design, unusual, and custom build instruments.

To videohive authors: you can surely use my preview music in your projects! Please link my page and drop me an email so that I can show your video here.
The list of my collaborations are on the bottom of this page. Why not to become the next one?

Since I understand the power synergy between audio and video, take also a look at my youtube channel to listen to my music on the background of several videos made by authors on videohive

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Please help me to reach your needs: if you buy my music, I will be very happy to know how did you find me and why did you choose my items. I am also really interested to know how did you use my music, and I will keep all the informations strictly confidential: so feel free to send me an email.
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My music was used as a preview in the following items:

“Music Logo” – my item:Metal Logo Stinger 9

“Heavy metal” logo – my item: Metal Stinger ident 1

“Heat walls” logo – my item:Metal Logo Stinger 33

“Timeless memories” – my item: Piano Romantic Melody

Dark Action Trailer music was previewed in the awesome Kickstart – Retina Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Wordpress theme from Themeforest author MKKY

Shape Letter Business Card – my item: Motivating with a Balalaika

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