"In order to compose, all you need to do is remember a tune that nobody else has thought of." - Robert Schumann

Hi and welcome. Read some of my compressed, timesaving, not really ironic text in the profile. I hope that you get inspired by the music here and suddenly imagine a future project with it, that you build around the cuts of it. If you do, let me know, I will do my best to promote it. Thank you! Now as you were, Browsing time!! :)

My whole portfolio is being remastered by a professional mastering engineer and it will take a while but some tunes have already been treated. It surely takes them to a whole new stratosphere.

Tracks that were mastered already: Crystal Timelapse, Motivate Me, DnB Opener, Touch of Class, New Day, Future Tech Talk…

 photo Motivatinal_zpse8e4ed48.jpg photo corp-tech_zps0bf86a95.jpg photo pop-rock_zps1aed6d68.jpg photo electronic_zps7bf3b72d.jpg photo _Logos-Idents_zps8a8278ae.jpg photo _hip-hop_zps6a072204.jpg photo action_zps4f3b70c2.jpg photo Dark_zps9d662329.jpg photo orchestral_zps8ea67399.jpg photo Buttons-sale_zpscce545da.jpg

Best Sellers…

...with some of your coments you great people!

1. Motivate Me  photo rating_zps1ecd9d32.png – “Excellent work my friend!!!!...”
2. Skynet Particles Logo – “Superb!”
3. Morale Lift – “Great uplifting song, friend!!!...”
4. Fashion Show Disco Bus – “Hey, this sounds really great! :)...”
5. New Day – “This is so fun! I love it!”
6. Crystal Timelapse – “Incredible work, congratulations…”
7. Future Tech Talk – “Excellent work. This is exactly what I was looking for….”
8. Troytek  photo rating_zps1ecd9d32.png – “Sounds fresh and original!!...”
9. Hip Hop Beat 2 – “Very nice sound design! Lovely.”
10. Mega Factory Tech – “Another awesome tune sir!!...”

To all Video Hive and Active Den Authors.

Hey, its great to have you here, please let me know if you want to use any of my tracks in your project, I will do my best to promote it. Oh and add a link to this particular track too, so that customers can easily buy that music if they want to. Get in touch and lets talk about a collaboration, cause this is how the next best sellers happen!! Looking forward to your email:))

VideoHive projects using my music:

 photo EmotionalEyes_THUMB_zpse50dcb3d.jpg

TV Channels where my music was spotted (thanks to Tunesat)

 photo tv-channels-banner_zps5cc01ed8.png

Play one of the games I composed music for

 photo bannererer_zps040c8e97.png

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