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Welcome to the Province. We make unique quality themes for the WordPress platform.

Super Duper Support & Aftercare VIA SUPPORT FORUM ONLY

Once you purchase a theme from Theme Province you’ll be in safe hands. We provide detailed documentation for all our themes, we go even further and include video screencasts to get you up and running. Be sure to get a lightning fast response usually within a few hours, sometimes minutes. If you need a quicker answer then you might want to check out KnowledgeBase below.

Please note all requests sent by any other means will be ignored

Knowledge Base

When you purchase a theme from us you’ll be able to access our KnowledgeBase where you can find answers to questions and access resources. This is a great way to quickly and easily solve your issue without even having to contact us for support.

Visit The KnowledgeBase

Premium Support/Customisations

Premium support is not longer available. Please contact a freelancer for customisations.

Testimonials – What Customers Are Saying!

This theme has tempted me from a visitor to became a purchased member. =) It’s just soooo wonderful and exactly what I want my site to be.

I did read the documentation and all comments, I understand that it needs enormous efforts to response for all customers/users effectively. Some people might only wish to take short-cut for everything without proper fundamental knowledge, this always causes many problems not related outside of your boundary.

But I realized you did responded to almost every comment/question, and trying your best to solve their issue and even willing to modify code individually for them, you are the greatest developer I ever seen =)

Appreciate your work very much. Thank you.

Rated 5 stars for you.

  • yunhen3350 (Village Theme)
The adventure theme is awesome to begin with. Once I downloaded it I was helped within hours of writing an email with my question. I never had to wait for an answer, and they even walked me through exactly what to do. When I couldn’t figure it out still they even went in to my site and corrected the issue. Awesome service! Would 100% buy from them again!!

Hats off to you for your incredibly prompt reply. I was hesitant to purchase from Themeforest because the last template I purchased greatly lacked in any support, while advertising support. Thank you again.

  • Monkus (Adventure Theme)

I dont normally do this, but this theme is that awesome I though I would give you some credit for the insane amount of work you must have put in to it!

I have worked with a lot of themes off Themeforest and this one is setting the benchmark. There’s more customisation options than you can shake a stick at! And the video documentation made life a lot easier.

If anyone is reading this and considering buying, I would strongly recommend it, you wont be disappointed.

Thanks for creating an awesome theme!

  • matb_01 (Attique Theme)

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