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Hi I’m David, a musician, composer and producer based in Barcelona (Spain). I hope you enjoy my music and find it useful for your media projects.
If you need an alternative edit of any of my tracks just email me or leave a comment! I will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for visit my portfolio and don’t forget to come back soon!!

New Releases

  • Progressive Emotions, Emotional post-rock instrumental. Starting with a clean delay guitar riff, the track builds up into a great, lively and epic rock
  • Hi-Tech Corporate, an upbeat electronica theme featuring synths and electronic drums.
  • The Beauty In You, romantic and heartwarming background music , featuring classical piano and strings.
  • Epic Action Drums, an epic and big percussive soundtrack suggested for action, combat or war scenes, featuring huge ethnic drums.
  • Dark Action, cinematic background music featuring rhythmic and run strings, crescendo brass, orchestral effects an big Hollywood sound alike percussion drums.
  • Sweet And Funny, an acoustic, upbeat and cheerful background music, featuring ukulele, guitars and bells.
  • Motivational Movement,an upliting, motivating and inspiring track featuring a piano line that builds up with the addition of orchestral strings and a pop rock drums section.


VideoHive Projects

VideoHive authors, you are more than welcome to use the watermarked previews in your projects. Please email me if you do, so I can update my item description with a link back to your project.
VideoHive projects using my music:

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