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I’m musician and composer. I live in Mar del Plata, Argentina, I’ve started learning classic piano since the age of five, and I kept studying music for several years, then as I grew up, I’ve started interesting in other kinds of music and styles, like rock, pop and electronic music.

Through the years I’v made songs for broadcasting ads, video presentations, tv shows, rock bands and also large scale projects around the globe.

I write music for any kind of projects, if you need custom music tracks, loops or whatever, just contact me thru the profile form. Also visit my site at or follow me on AJ and social networks.

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Some Videhive projects using my music

Chicago 290 Time-Lapse

Declaration of Love

Animated Nature Scene

Hand Drawn Wedding Opener

Blackwords Swordfish

Some Commercial / Artistic works using my music

New Zealand – North Island

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