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Photobucket Welcome Friends! We are primarily offering royalty free sound effects and sound clips alongwith some useful musical tracks and logos here at AudioJungle. Our key music genres are world music, ambient, Indian, Yoga or Meditation music (Youtube Link), experimental/fusion, cinematic, symphonic orchestral, rock, symphonic rock.

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Photobucket Sound effects, Instrumental musical tracks and Logos available here are highly applicable to Film, TV, advertisement, website, gaming, animation, flash presentation, podcast and radio based projects.

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Sound Fx/Clips:
Game-Cartoon | Atmosphere-Ambiance-Background | Baby-Kids | Space | Mobile-iPad Apps | Whips-Whooshes | Movements-Transitions | Dings-Clicks-Alerts | SciFi-Futuristic | Comic-Funny | Domestic-Routine | Office-Workplace | Friction-Scratch-Rub | Harmonica App Alerts | Sports | Sound Clips

Music Tracks:
World Music | Ambient | Cinematic | Miscellaneous(Rock/Pop/Techno/Exp)

Logos and Intros:

Indian Punjabi “Dhol” Percussion:
Dhol Beat Normal | Dhol Beat Fast

FEATURED SPORTS THEME Track for Upcoming Events – World Cups, Championships etc:

 photo BS1_zps4d84c13f.png
 photo BS1_zps4d84c13f.png
 photo BS1_zps4d84c13f.png
 photo BS1_zps4d84c13f.png

All Sound Clips / Effects submissions and AJ Radio:

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