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Hi, I’m a guitarist, composer and sound designer, working in his home recording studio for over 25 years. Here you will find music of any style and trends. Enjoy! ;)

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For any question/feedback/request do not hesitate to contact me through my business email. I am looking forward to hearing from you! ;)

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Ambient Pack

Ambient Pack 2

Ambient Pack 3

Dreaming Pack

Dreaming Pack 2

Dreaming Pack 3

Romantic Pack

Epic Taiko Drums Pack

Epic Taiko Drums Pack 2

Epic Cinematic Drums Pack

Epic Cinematic Drums Pack 2

Epic Trailer Pack

Cinematic Action Pack

Suspense Horror Pack

Cinematic Horror Pack

Cinematic Horror Pack 2

Dubstep Pack

Dubstep Pack 2

Dubstep Pack 3

Dubstep Pack 4

Rock Pack

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Rock Pack 4

Country Pack

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Sentimental Pack

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