From a secret desert facility on the outskirts of Las Vegas...

I write, perform and record music for radio and TV programming, advertising, podcasts and many other multimedia projects, while almost single-handedly propping up the Colombian coffee industry. (Caffeine is your friend). If you need a special mix of one of the tunes in my portfolio, or you need an original custom music track for your project, e-mail me using the box to the right.

My newest music tracks:
“Nashville Strut”(here).
“Slow Burn Blues”(here).
“Motor City Rebound”( here).
“Hail to the Chief (with Kazoos!)” (here).

These two tunes were recently used in national TV commercials for 5 Hour Energy: The Globetrotting Whistler (during the Daytona 500!) and How How How.

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