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Hello and welcome to my profile page.

I am a full time Piano teacher with 20 years teaching experience. Over the years though, I have also enjoyed composing music in a variety of different styles and being an AJ author has allowed me to develop that hobby even further.

Since I was about 10 years old, I have been a fan of film composers like John Williams, Bernard Herrmann, John Barry, Jerry Goldsmith etc and I’d like to think that their influence can be heard a little bit in some of my own compositions. You can keep your novelists, poets and painters…for me, the most admirable artists have always been the great composers. My profile image is of the Dvorak Hall in Prague, Czechoslovakia, where the sampled instruments that I use in many of my compositions were recorded.

Licensed YouTube users: You may get “third party content” claims from AdRev using some of my tracks. To stop this claim, please visit this page and fill in the form. Alternatively, to avoid this, please contact me after you have purchased a track and the client’s YouTube channel will be “white-listed” before any video is uploaded. I will be happy to sort out this issue any time.

Bossanova Supermarket is my first track to be purchased with the top tier Music Broadcast & Film license for use in an Adam & Eve Commercial. It is currently airing on the US channels USA Network, Comedy Central, WE tv, VH1 Classic, Spike and WGN America during the commercial breaks for the following shows: CSI:Miami, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, South Park, Sex and the City, Will & Grace, Roseanne, @Midnight, Workaholics, Metal Mania, ‘90s Rocked, 120 Minutes, Rockfest and Kendra on Top.

Quirky is my top selling track and appears in this fun video by the President of Grand Valley State University.

Bossanova Elevator features in both the satirical cartoon Free 2 Play

...and the children’s animation Scareplane

Cartoon Time is my first track to be purchased with the Music Broadcast License (10 Million)

Happy Day is used in lyanla Vanzant’s video Forgive Pray Love. lyanla Vanzant is a an American inspirational speaker who has been a regular guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Happy Day is also used in this Backstop Solutions Group promotional video.

A Great Day is used in this Happy Birthday Card Tutorial

Feeling Good is used in Dan Fogler’s promo video for his movie Don Peyote (starts at 2:15)

Here are two of my track previews as used by VideoHive authors…

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