In order to cast a shadow, you must first find the light

I am a programmer; working full time as an embedded system developer for Windows and Linux based machines. I also do Web, OSX and Mobile apps.. I don’t always have time to answer questions, update my items or provide support. But I’ll do what I can.

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Here is a short list of my skills.. It would take too long to write a complete list.

PHP – 8 years experience creating, editing, debugging, re-coding PHP code
JavaScript – 5 years experience writing javascript enhancements for websites
AJAX – 2 years experience integrating AJAX functionality into websites
XML / RSS – 2 years experience writing XML formatted program output
Apache – 2 years experience htaccess url rewrite, virtualhost, and forcetype mods
DOS – 1 year experience writing DOS programs and batch files
SH – 7 months experience writing linux shell scripts
Web API – 2 years experience integrating various API (LinkPoint, FedEx, Paypal, Other) using PHP
RegEx – 4 years experience writing POSIX Regular Expressions for data mining and field checking /[a-z0-9\.]{1,64}*@[a-z0-9]{1,64}\.[a-z]{2,4}/i
Actionscript – 6 months year Flash Actionscript 3 programming
C# – 2 months experience writing c# programs
C++ – 2 years experience writing basic programs and games
Delphi – 3 years experience programming Object pascal, Shell API and console applications
Kylix – 1 year experience converting windows-writtin apps to Linux platform

MySQL – 5 years experience structuring, editing, querying MySQL code
dBase – 1 month experience with dBase structuring (Borland)
Paradox – 2 months writing Paradox programs (Borland), 1 month Paradox structured apps (Delphi)
CSV – 2 years experience simple comma-delimited fileformat
FlatFile – 1 years experience encrypted flatfile data management

-Server Administration
Apache – 1 year experience apache setup and deployment on Linux platforms
Linux – 6 years experience, PHAT, RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake, Ubuntu, Lindows setup/administration
SSH – 2 years experience server administration using SSH shell commands (Terminal or Putty)
Crontab – 1 year experience setting webscripts, bots and serverscripts crontab execution
SSL – 2 years security certificate creation and installation

-Graphics Design
Photoshop – 7 years experience making, enhancing and manipulating custom graphics/textures
Paint Shop Pro – 2 years experience making and manipulating custom graphics
Carrara – 3 years experience modeling, animating, manipulating 3D scenes, animations and models
3ds Max – 6 months experience modeling
Lightwave – 7 months experience modeling, texturing and animating 3D objects/characters
Hexagon – 4 months Haxagon modeling simple objects and characters
Amapi – 2 months experience simple Amapi NURBS modeling
Flash – 3 years experience Flash animation, flat 3D and ad banners
Swift3D – 7 months experience Swift3D Xpress, Standalone, and 3ds Max plugin for 3D Flash Output
Vectorstyle – 1 year experience VectorStyle versions 1 and 2 Carrara plugin for 3D Flash output

SEO – 2 years experience search engine optimization after paid training by an expert.

—Web dev. apps
CoffeeCup HTML – few months playing with CoffeeCup in the earlier versions
Dreamweaver – 6 years making page layouts and site designs with Macromedia Dreamweaver
Komodo IDE – 3 years programming with Activestate Komodo Pro and Regex toolkit

Premier 6.5 – 2 years experience editing short videos and animations
After Effects 7 – 1 year experience video effects with Adobe AFX Camtasia – screen recoding, editing.

Cool Edit Pro – 2 years experience mixing/editing multitrack audio
Goldwave – 4 years experience editing audio/music with effects and transitions

CPanel/WHM – 5 years administrating websites (cPanel) and 2 years adminstratning webhosts (WHM)
vBulletin – 1 year making program extensions for vB in PHP/MySQL format
Joomla – have made 1 Joomla component so far, in PHP.
CafePress – API experience and creator 2 popular data miners



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