"Without music, life would be a mistake" F.Nietzsche

About Disconauts Music Production

Disconauts Music Production was founded by the German musician and producer Lutz Aulich, better known as Al Rea, in 2012.

Main focus is currently on creating Royalty Free Music. Disconauts work has been already used in various large scale projects around the world including national and international television broadcasts, podcasts, commercials, films, animations and documentaries.

“We believe that the right music can make your project and the wrong music can break it. Each song that we’ve created is of the highest quality and has been professionally produced.”

Currently, Disconauts offers Royalty Free Music in the fields of Electro, Trance, Jazz, Chill Out and Lounge.

In addition to it, Disconauts Music Production also offers music for listening pleasure on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify and many other international music stores and distributors.

If you would like to send us a message or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Check out the Disconauts Royalty Free Music Collections

Ibiza Summer Feelings – Summer, sun and mood of party – these tunes get under the skin and exude a real holiday feeling. It’s dance music that magically places palm trees and sand wherever it is played, and grooves so deep it makes all non-dancers get drunk on imaginary island air, and dance in the sand.

Chill Out Lounge – Smooth and Jazzy side of Chill Out. Electronic relaxing music, chilling groove with electric piano, rhodes, strings and synthesizers.

Electric Lightning – These explosive and powerful tunes are strictly meant as an invitation to the audience to hit the dance floor. The epic musical fireworks that consist of the genres Electro House and Trance get the legs of the listener moving and rocking as if they were electrified. This reaction gets stronger and stronger with each additional music layer that is added to the soundtrack until the whole body is immersed in wild dance moves and energetic trancelike states.

Dubstep – Powerful tracks with the dirtiest drops and wubs, low end sub basses, outer space arpeggios and crunchy melodic lead synths. Really cool for adverts, great within movie dance scenes, anything cutting edge technology.

Cinematic Industrial – This set is Dark, Heavy, Moving, and Atmospheric. Think paranormal activity meets the walking dead over a heavy groove.

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