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Cheechy Records is a sound studio established in 2009. Since 2011 we are found ourselves in producing quality sound in genres: motivational, pop, power pop, background advertising, video, project music, ambient and soundtrack. In general – specificity of our music lies in its versatility of use.. Sensitive and interesting music is a great choice to people making own videos, movies, projects and other cool things! Sometimes a lot of words are unnecessary. Listen some of our tracks right now and you will understand more than we can explain you in words!

If this is your first visiting of Royalty – Free Music Stock, we recommend you to listen following text that help you find out what it is!

Royalty-Free Music.. what`s? In fact, everything is very simple. Purchase music on audio-stocks like AJ – the same that if you would go and buy a CD in a shop in your city. But without a doubt an advantage on the side of Royalty – Free! Why? Okay:)

1. You do not need to go anywhere – just have an access to the Internet.

2. You are always assured of the reliability and stability of the purchasing process here:

- Fixed price.

- You do not get a pig in a poke: you assess music yourself, according to your own preferences.

- Many years of Audiojungle experience does not let us to doubt the reliability of the buying process.

- If you will lose purchased track you can download it unlimited times again. It`s all logical, cause you are purchased it already!

3. Versatility. Unlimited number of times using the purchased track in different projects! We are sure that you will appreciate all the advantages shopping on Audiojungle!

Do not forget to comment and rate our tracks after purchase: paste the link on your project with our music – we will post it on our Official and Soundcloud Account!

We hope that you will appreciate our music and find out that this is what you were looking for so long!

Any questions? Write on E-Mail – we always glad to answer you!

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