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    By COROT-7b

    Album ANDROIDS are author's musical imaginations. It is necessary to present that each composition from this album sounds concrete emotion of the synthetic person. ANDROIDS is a bio-synthetic album of the future.

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  • Approach


    By COROT-7b

    "Approach" - album subjects: a postapocalypse, an Armageddon, a mankind decline, extinction, despair, anti-Utopia. So musical compositions have entered into this album in styles the cyber-punk and electro.

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  • A terrible fear

    A terrible fear

    By COROT-7b

    This collection is really scary and creepy things. The exhumation of the corpses, eating carrion, chaos, paranoid madness, sectarian howling, delirium, suicide and full depression - here is a brief description of the atmosphere of the songs that a...

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  • Corpse


    By COROT-7b

    Album "CORPSE" contains a storyline, after it is planned album, the name of which is yet to be determined, but the material available. Music can seem too heavy for many people, but I tried to make it less specific, to a larger circle of people. T...

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  • Logos


    By COROT-7b

    Collection of music and sound logos of any subject. Any logos on order, please contact us.

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  • Reincarnation(ambient)


    By COROT-7b

    Collection of experimental atmospheric and deep music in the style of ambient. The title of the collection: "Reincarnation"; and all of the songs in the album are leaving the body, reincarnation, the transmigration of the soul, Heaven and the univ...

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  • Music for the soul

    Music for the soul

    By COROT-7b

    This music(collection) contains beautiful and deep music. This music REALLY nice to listen to and enjoy it. Of course it can be used in various soundtracks to films and videos, commercials and trailers .. So anywhere you can think of the listener....

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  • Instrumental rock

    Instrumental rock

    By COROT-7b

    Only the best and high-quality live music instrumental rock(acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, piano, synth solo, various interesting and harmonious effects.)

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  • Romantic collection

    Romantic collection

    By COROT-7b

    A collection of light, romantic and deep music. All songs are not hard to listen to; can be used in various soundtracks to films and videos, advertisements, for original gifts.

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  • Collections packs

    Collections packs

    By COROT-7b

    In this collection are all packs of music. In each pack 3 to 8-9 songs in restricted price. Buying each pack you save money and time.

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  • Punk rock collection

    Punk rock collection

    By COROT-7b

    In this collection contains the best songs in the styles of punk, punk-rock. Good mastering, cool tools, good sound quality and performance. All songs can be used anywhere you need: with vocals, soundtracks, sound, etc.

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  • Best metal(rock)-hits

    Best metal(rock)-hits

    By COROT-7b

    A collection of the best and choicest of copyright hits in the style of metal, rock. Each track is an independent Studio composition, which can be used anywhere you need. Above each track was created by a group of professional musicians in a grea...

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  • Metal-space(Ambient-metal)


    By COROT-7b

    It is the author Studio album "Metaphor" (Metal-space sounds). It is the synthesis of electronic atmospheres of the Universe and heavy guitars; a mixture of crazy metal-drive and the beautiful sounds of eternity and unknown voids; here You will he...

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  • Space


    By COROT-7b

    My best musical compositions which show the Universe and a space in sounds and an original melody have entered into an album Space. I recommend to listening this music to all people on a planet.

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