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Boldtrax stands for high quality audio content for your project needs, may it be Kickstarter campaigns, Youtube videos, commercials, soundtracks… you name it..

We have been working for US TV, Games, music libraries, short and feature films.
In our portfolio here you will find a broad variety of different music styles. To simplify the task of browsing each and every single track you can choose different subcategories that give you a first hint what kind of track to expect in there.

Whenever you feel the need of changes to be made to a track you’ve purchased or you can’t find what you’re looking for, shoot us an email through the contact form and we surely can work things out. Also when your project budget allows for custom work we’d be happy to work with you, just ask for a quote.

Introducing Quickfinder

Quickfinder – A new way to browse our portfolio. With the help of these various subcategories you can easily access our portfolio based on track tagging. That way you can hopefully easier find a cue matching the needed mood and style of your project.

Slow Tempo Medium Tempo Fast Tempo

Corporate Technology Corporate Uplifting Corporate Motivational
Corporate Inspirational Corporate Advertising

Rock, Pop, Dance - Lite Rock Rock, Pop, Dance - Hard Rock Rock, Pop, Dance - Indie Rock
Rock, Pop, Dance - POP Rock, Pop, Dance - Dance / Electro

Organic Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar Organic Acoustic - Piano Organic Acoustic - Orchestral
Organic Acoustic - Ukulele

Cinematic / Trailer - Rock Cinematic / Trailer - Orchestral Cinematic / Trailer - Sounddesign
Cinematic / Trailer - Hybrid Cinematic / Trailer - Underscore

Specials - Musicpacks Specials - Bestseller Specials - Wedding
Specials - Valentine Specials - Xmas

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Dear Videohive authors:
Please feel free use any of these preview tracks for your projects. The only thing we ask for is that you provide a link to the corresponding track in the item description. Please let us know that you have used one of our tracks in your item so we can relink the project in the desription.

Best Boldtrax

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