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We Make Champions — Nice and wide indie pop rock theme with catchy lead synth and lots of lite soft guitars.
Simply Happy — Indie pop rock track with vintage but modern sound.
Happy Life — Chilling soft track with echoing guitars, strings and ambient atmosphere.
One Shot One String — Extreme rock track with modern synth about action, racing, fight and other aggressive things.
Holiday Journey — Light serf composition with bright main guitar and vintage drums. In second part join strings.
Good Morning World — Here is bright sunny track with a little modern country addition.

New Day New Life — Lite rock/pop rock track with strings and many guitars. In second part cool synth appear so listen till the end.

I Can Do It — Lite rock track with nice and gentle piano, wide string section, bright guitars. Happy and kind atmosphere.

Successful Plans — Airy and wide track with mute guitar, string section, strong drums.

Pop Rock Sunny Pack
Happy Dreamtime Pop Rock Pack

Motivational Dream Pack
Frendship Teamwork Corporate Pack
Positive Pop Rock Pack
Positive And Strong Pack
Total Business Success Pack
Motivational Pop Orchestra Pack
Motivational Guitar Pack

Tech Micro Pack
Hi-Tech Wonder Pack
Tech Music Pack

Happy Acoustic Pack
Great Action Percussion Pack

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