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We are the 331 project.

We create all our tracks at our own studio.
Prefer live music and use live instruments in records.
There are many different genres we working at, but the most favourite
are light rock and pop-rock with motivational positive mood.
We always try to find creative ways to reach the best results.

To VideoHive Authors: You are more than welcome to use my songs in your projects. Fell free to contact me via e-mail: 331stockmusic@gmail.com

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Best and new tracks

Extreme Metal 01-1 Riot 01-1 Totally Fun 02 Moving on the Top 02-1 Majestic Anthem 02 Kids Like Skateboarding 02 Sea Breeze 02 Bright Life 02

Our tracks used in videos

Wild Extreme 01 Epic Pirate Adventure 01 In the Air 01 Extreme Sport 01 Recreation 01 Lets Go 01 Carefree Piano 01 Journey 01 Spring Bloom 01 Raise Your Goals preview 01 Tommorow 01 Clouds 01 City Streets Ride 01 Simply and Cheerful 01

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