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How the affiliate program works

Create an Envato Account, then send traffic to any page on Envato Market while adding your account username to the end of the URL.

When a new user clicks your referral link, signs up for an account and purchases an item (or deposits money) via any of the Envato Market sites, you will receive 30% of that person's first cash deposit or purchase price. If they deposit $20 into their account, you get $6. If they buy a $200 item, you get $60.

By becoming an Affiliate, you agree to the Affiliate Program Terms.

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Banners & Logos

Envato Market Logos

Envato Market Brand logos
To help with referring users you may wish to use our logos. You can grab both light and dark background versions for our Envato Market logos.
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Envato Market API Applications

Referral banners

You can find a large variety of referral banners below for each Envato Market site!

Find out more about our affiliate program
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To help you along, we've summarized a few of the key Do's and Don'ts below but for detailed information read the Affiliate Program Terms


  • Create SEO friendly blog posts or a guest blog to write about an area of interest that is related to the service you're marketing.
  • Use your site or a social service to feature an item, using your referral link. This could be a post, a sidebar widget, or a tweet on Twitter.
  • Use targeted banner ads including banner ads for specific categories of each Envato Market site. You can download each of the banners here.
  • Promote limited time discounts that we run on collections of items.
  • Use handy affiliate plugins that recommend items automatically. For example, here's a plugin that recommends related Envato Market items based on the title of your blog post. Browse all affiliate scripts and plugins here.
  • Promote new and growing categories on Envato Market. To see what's coming up, you can follow our Envato Most Wanted competitions.
  • Design a page or site that is unique in design and isn't going to confuse anyone about your purpose as an affiliate.


  • Confuse consumers through the design of your site by copying our site design or using our logos other than the prescribed affiliate banners which you can find here.
  • Link from any Envato Market site or from any domain owned and operated by Envato in order to gain referrals.
  • Use Envato brands, trademarks and intellectual property other than those banner and logos approved by Envato and made available to affiliates on the referral page.
  • Purchase a domain name, search engine keyword or pay-per-click advertisement that uses any Envato trademarks or variations and mis-spellings.
  • Copy item descriptions (unless you raise a support ticket and get consent from us);
  • Send unsolicited email or other messaging that in any way may constitute spam.
  • Do anything that would amount to a breach of any laws including, but not limited to, privacy, intellectual property and spam.
  • Engage in any conduct that does not meet our standards of 'fair play' including things like fraud, confusing the new user, or providing a link designed to mislead the customer.

Just a heads up also that all URLs with 'go' in the beginning e.g. will not count towards your Affiliate Program earnings.

You can also make money with Envato by becoming an author.