Included in:

A discounted pack featuring multiple tracks in this style.


An epic track, which loops and goes through multiple different themes throughout that increase and decrease in intensity.

The track starts off ambient, and then at 1:00, the first transformation occurs and then everything becomes a little bit more intense and the music generally has a thicker texture, with heavier accompaniment and faster inner parts. In addition, we have haunting female (Balkan) vocals and Mongolian Tuvan throat singing throughout this opening section.

At 2:05, the music transitions into an action cue with a powerful horn line, accompanied with marcato strings. This is played over a low rock guitar and a rock drum kit.

After this action sequence, the music transitions – at 3:45 – back into something more like the opening (and variations on the opening) and this gradually settles down until the track eventually loops on itself.

A track which contains pretty much everything, a multitude of styles and a multitude of layers. VERY good for slideshows because of the constant tempo and evolving nature of the track. You could also cut it up and edit the track yourself (or ask me to) in case you wanted to separate the different emotions from each other.


Newest Track:

A simple, catchy, upbeat track with a very memorable tune.