This song is made to uplift and inspire everyone that has ever been through a tough time and pulled through in the end. We are more capable than we think – just hang on and do it!

The song starts off very intimate and emotional. At around 1:30 it explodes into full force with a pulsing beat and running guitars and bassline.

Basic instrumentation :

Drums Bass Guitars Vocals Synth Piano Shakers

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Shake the hands of doubt, I’m coming home.
Leave the maps unwound. The soul the knows, who needs a road.
I’m coming home Hey! The soul knows… Hey! Who needs a road?
If I step outside then no one will know, I’m not hear to hide, I’m here to grow
Take a little back now, take a little, don’t let it slide…
Don’t look to the ground, look to the sky
Hey! The soul knows Hey! Who needs a road?