Here is motivational track in club, dance, pop style. Light and airy sound will add positive motivational mood to any project. Guitars and airy synth mixed with voice like bass(which add a little jocular mood) and strong club drums.

Check track with the similar sound:
1. Technology Wonders [2:14] — Beautiful tech-guitar-like synth with tiny arpeggios on bg. (+ bonus).
2. Hi-Tech Step [1:41] — Corporate “tech” track mixed with dub step bass and drums. (+ bonus).
3. Future Robo Toys [2:16] — Track which represents hi-tech atmosphere light mood. (+ bonus).
4. Technology Geek [1:43] — Very electronic and catchy.. .

Latest best tracks:
0. Burning Horizon [2:38] — A little bit technological but mostly motivational.
1. My Way Is Open [2:55] — Airy track with synth strings, guitars and piano. (+ bonus)
2. Time Has Come [2:33] — Acoustic guitar meets electric with distortion and synth-like one. (+ bonus).
3. Big Pink Glasses [2:19] — Pop rock track with dreamy piano and heavy power chords. (+ bonus).
4. It’s Just Beginning [2:09] — Very life-asserting and hopeful track. (+ bonus).
5. Leader Orchestra [2:05] — Here is gentle track with string orchestra and wide fat synth.

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