About This Pack:

Save 50% of your money! Five seamless loops of wasteland atmospheres.


1) Desert Drone Ambient 1 – 1:29

Abandoned city, empty vault with great mysteries and sleeping danger, endless desert landscape, atmosphere of disaster and despair. Perfect for story background. Postapocaliptic and after catastrophe feeling. Seamless loop.

2) Desert Drone Ambient 2 – 1:29

Wasteland and Fallout atmosphere of open devastated space. Seamless Loop.

3) Drone Soundscape Loop – 1:32

Soft and calm, beatless seamless loop. Great for cosmic scenes, big open spaces and other atmospheres. Neutral mood.

4) Drone Soundscape Loop 3 – 2:44

Seamles loop of dark atmosphere. Drone ambient with tense feeling of hidden danger. Adandoned space ship. Alien planet in the night. Suspense.

5) Strained Ambience – 3:12

Wasteland or abandoned city. Deadspace or exposed space station atmosphere. Ghost house or vault..

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