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Warm Feelings, music by Krank Audio

Two mixes, + a :60 edit included!

Two acoustic guitars, drums, and strings combine to create a beautiful, relaxing track that evokes warm, sentimental emotions. This track is perfect for slide shows, commercials, or any project needing an authentic, acoustic vibe. The 60 second edit includes a long tail that can easily be faded out for a true 60 second track.

For your convenience 2 mixes, one with and without strings, and a 60 second edit are included with this download.

To hear the no strings version start the preview at 2:12. For the 60 second edit, start the preview at 4:24.

Files included with this download:

Warm Feelings – Full.wav (2:12)
Warm Feelings – Full.mp3 (2:12)
Warm Feelings – No Strings.wav (2:12)
Warm Feelings – No Strings.mp3 (2:12)
Warm Feelings – 60 sec.wav (1:02)
Warm Feelings – 60 sec.mp3 (1:02)

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