Here is the perfect off-beat track you were looking for! It blends the the genres of electronica/glitch with urban acoustic. This track has a very chill, relaxed feel for it. It blends drums with the electronic synth to take you on an urban glitchy ride. This song is perfect for any promo, presentation, movie, business use, personal use, or simple listening pleasure!


Check out the official DJ Darksunz mainstream remixes which are posted regularly on the youtube channel. Not only are they fantastic to listen to, THEY ARE FREE TO DOWNLOAD! Come hear the diverse skills of the one and only DJ Darksunz!

Check out my most popular track Super Dance Party as it’s featured in some of the coolest templates available on Videohive!

Icicle Melt was the Featured Track on week of February 21st. It won the Phototuts+ and Audiojungle Winter Sonic Slideshow contest! Check out the video on Vimeo

Music Packs

Epic Cinematic Pack

Ambient Nature Pack

ActiveDen Collaboration

Check out this fantastic Flash template by Lion as it features three of my tracks: Icicle Melt, Take Me Away, and Passionate Dreamer

VideoHive Collaboration

Rise to the Occasion

My epic cinematic track Rise to the Occasion is featured in Lasgole’s awesome VideoHive template Rhythm – Rise to the Occasion!

Beautiful Opener

My logo opener Beautiful Opener is featured in Usmanrafi’s awesome logo sting Macro Eye Logo Reveal



Keep Faith is a track which I produced many years ago as a benefit/relief track. For each and every purchase of this track, I will donate 100% of the proceedings for relief. If you purchase this track and have a specific relief you would like for me to donate this to, please message me and I will take care of it accordingly. Let us join together to aid those in need.