About this music pack.

This is an uplifting, melodic, and modern music pack consisting of five confident and motivational songs with guitar as a main/featured instrument. With over 11 minutes of inspiring, indie-flavored music, and nearly triple that length with all of the included tracks and variations, this pack provides you with ultimate flexibility for your project, be it film, TV, commercial, corporate, or any other media. And grabbing these tracks as a bundle here saves you 50% over licensing them individually!

Included Tracks.

This pack contains five unique songs, each one containing 3-5 variations of its own, such as seamlessly loopable versions and assorted commercial edits (22 individual tracks / 32 minutes of music altogether!). Here are the main tracks in order of appearance in the audio preview:

  1. An Endless Horizon | 2:16 | 115 BPM | 5 Variations Included
    This motivational track features uplifting melodies over top a bed of expansive harmonic sounds and textures, with a light alt-rock indie feel. It evokes images and feelings of moving forward, innovation, expanding ideas, and a sense of confidence and purpose.
  2. A New Direction | 2:42 | 110 BPM | 5 Variations Included
    This motivational track features uplifting guitar and piano melodies over top lush harmonic textures, with a modern indie/alt-rock feel. Energetic percussion dives in about halfway through, taking the song to a new level. Layers of different rhythms play off each other throughout giving the song an especially dynamic, evolving feel.
  3. A Timeless Journey | 2:01 | 82.5 BPM | 4 Variations Included
    This inspirational track features uplifting guitar melodies over top a bed of glassy pads and organic musical textures, with a modern feel and indie vibe. The song breaks into a climactic section halfway through with dramatic percussion and strings (a version is also included without).
  4. An Innovative Thought | 2:27 | 100 BPM | 5 Variations Included
    This motivational song features melodic riffs on electric guitar that float over top a bed of uplifting piano arpeggios. A catchy drum beat with a nice alt-rock feel adds extra energy and sense of purpose. This song is sure to inspire confidence and new ideas in your audience and your brand.
  5. A Positive Trend | 1:55 | 120 BPM | 3 Variations Included
    This empowering song features buoyant, melodic riffs on electric guitar and piano layered over an uplifting progression of smooth electric piano chords. A catchy drum beat comes in with a nice light rock feel, giving plenty of drive and energy without being too overpowering.

For more detailed information on the individual items and their included variations, feel free to follow the above links to the respective item pages. Each individual variation is its own separate audio file, included as both a full resolution WAV as well as a high quality MP3.

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