Included are four songs great for projects needing an upbeat rock sound!

  • Bursting Through The Door (2:58)
  • We’re Going On A Journey (1:50)
  • Sidewalk Surfing (1:18)
  • Success Rock (2:29)

  • Bursting Through The Door

    A modern, upbeat, and energetic indie-rock track with electric guitars, bass, and drums.

    We’re Going On A Journey

    A fun, adventurous song featuring an assortment of guitars, ukulele, glockenspiel, and drums. Sure to bring excitement and adventure to any project! This song is able to loop seamlessly for an infinite track length!

    Sidewalk Surfing

    A fun and energetic surf rock song for a modern indie rock band with full overdriven and distortion electric guitars, bass, drums, and a rhodes style piano keyboard. This short piece is uplifting and motivating. Perfect for projects with youth or just something needing bright and warm music with a reminder that it’s always summer somewhere!

    Success Rock

    A melodic and upbeat piece for acoustic and electric guitar, piano, bass, drums and strings. Perfect for any project needing an inspiring and fun song!

    If you use any of these songs in your project, please leave a comment with the link. I would love to promote you!

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