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Seems like you are prepared well for zombie apocalypse, are you? :D Very cool tune! Love the panning scratchy sound. Very atmosferic, very thrilling!

Thumbs up bro! :)



You are too kind my friend. I wrote that for a film score that went unused so didn’t want to see it go to waste. Yeah I seem to have written a bunch of zombie tracks. Can’t be too prepared I say man. Sure people might laugh now but when it hits – I’ll have the right music to play to set the mood ;)

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This is a great tune, really deep, spacey and impressing!!
Congrats my friend, you are really very talented in so many music styles!
I wish you very good luck with that track mate! (i’m sure you will have it!)


Thanks so much Mat :) I love writing horror stuff and this was a lot of fun to do. I really appreciate the good wishes and kind words my friend :) You are the best. Jamie


Thanks Jamie, and you are unstoppable too :D !