Ultimate Music Collection for Sports

This great pack contains three different music in three different styles for energetic projects.

Included Tracks and Durations

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1.High Energy Sports Rock:: Length:: 2:12
2.Brazilian Sun Shines on the Cup:: Length:: 2:04 ( Preview at 2:15 )
3.World is Waiting for the Champions:: Length:: 2:09 ( Preview at 4:21 )

Track Infos

High Energy Sports Rock:: A High Energy track introducing burning rock guitars, ambient effects, energetic drums, stadium cheers and groovy bass. You can choose the parts from low – high tension to match your project.

Brazilian Sun Shines on the Cup:: This beautiful piece of music is specially designed to make you feel the glory and excitement of a huge stadium in a carnival mood. You can close your eyes and dream of screaming crowd and Brazilian dancers in their colourful costumes in a hot, sunny day. The track will also remind the soundtracks of the famous soccer video games and songs of Latin singers like Shakira.

World is Waiting for the Champions:: The piece is built on simple, catchy musical lines. Main instruments are Latin Piano, Accordion and Brazilian Percussions. Chorus section has inspiring tribal background vocals. You will also hear mallets, drums and a beautiful slide guitar lick at the end.


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