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i love this track and will be defiantly purchasing a copy a.s.a.p

i listened to this while writing down some ideas for a game i wanna make and next thing you know i have 4 pages of work xD


Thank you, I am very pleased. :)

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Torum, You are a genius, this is another amazingly epic, interesting and beautiful piece. This and “Fall of the Kings” are just mind blowing. They draw you into the piece and make you feel like you’re someplace else.

I thank you again, for yet another piece of art I get to add to my collection.

Please, if you are going to sound design another like these two, always let me know, I will always come back and send others.


Many many thanks again. Very nice. Monday began with a good mood, thanks to you. Thank you again. I am happy to put you in the fame, but just do not know how.

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I love it!!!