Description: Melodic track in the style of trance. Beautiful melody that lasts for 16 bars, soft juicy bass, percussion magic, pads, leads, kick – it all is a beautiful composition in the style of trance. 5 variations of the track in ZIP archive, with him easy to work. I hope you enjoy. Leave feedback.

Included Variations (all provided in both WAV and MP3 formats):

-Trancemission Radio Record – Main File (3:35)
-Trancemission Radio Record – Piano & Pad & Violin (1:06) Starts at 3:35 in preview
-Trancemission Radio Record – Main Piano Melody (0:41) Starts at 4:42 in preview
-Trancemission Radio Record – Main Lead Melody (0:41) Starts at 5:24 in preview
-Trancemission Radio Record – Lead melody & Choir & Pad & Violin (1:07) Starts at 6:05 in preview

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My music has been played on the channels STB, REN, THT, M1 and other networks, and is used by many of corporations.

I want sincerely thank all the people at AudioJungle and all my customers/clients for purchasing my music. I owe you everything, and am eternally grateful.

VideoHive Artists! Your free to use any of my tracks, just let me know and I’ll paste a link to the video you use it in.

Again thank you so much for stopping by, I get to do what I love!...even if you don’t use anything today, i hopefully you’ll be back :)
Best wishes!

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