Pack description

Package one of the best trailer music. qualitatively and emotionally fit into your design, movies, games, etc. Cheap and cheerful))) Let’s create together. Pack includes 5 tracks.

Tracks included

Find individual previews for songs included in this pack in the links below. The audio preview you’re listening to right now plays in the order listed.

Epic Trailer
Intense Trailer music
Memories after the battle
Trailer from hell
Last Empire

Files included

1 track – “Epic trailer” 0.00 – 01.21 Length: 1: 21
2.track – “Intense Trailer music” 01.22 – 02.56 Length: 1:34
3.track – “Memories after the battle” 02.57 – 05.00 Length: 2:03
4.track – “Trailer from hell” 05.01 – 07.51 Length: 2:51
5.track – “Last empire” 07.52 – 10.14 Length: 2:22

Let’s create together. If you have any problems with the tracks, You have the right to ask me for help. But I think everything okay.