“Trailer Pack”

Six epic pieces perfect for your next trailer, advertisement or action/adventure scene at a bargain price.

1. Epic Cinematic Trailer 1:30

Cinematic trailer music for your next blockbuster, featuring loud pounding percussion, epic brass chords, beautiful violin lines and spiccato cellos and choir.

2. Epic Cinematic Trailer 2 1:31

The time is running out…

Cinematic trailer music for your next blockbuster featuring loud pounding percussion, epic brass stabs and spiccato strings.

3. Crossing the Rubicon 1:46

An epic, cinematic piece featuring lush string lines, choir, pounding percussion and horns. When writing this piece, I had a hero in mind, who is about to do something daring and dangerous, knowing there is no turning back.

4. Building an Empire 2:01

An epic and cinematic piece featuring fast spiccato string lines, pounding and driving percussion, epic brass chords and mellow french horn lines.

5. Short Trailer Ending 0:26

High impact ending piece for a trailer or epic advertisement featuring pounding percussion, fast strings, epic brass and choir.

Included are two versions: - Mix with choir 0:26 - Mix without choir 0:26

6. A New World 2:06

An epic, cinematic and beautiful composition featuring sweeping strings and beautiful choir lines.