“Trailer Pack 2”

Six epic pieces perfect for your next trailer, advertisement or action/adventure scene at a bargain price.

1. Epic Cinematic Trailer 3 1:01

A short but powerful orchestral/hybrid piece for trailers, movies, advertisement, video hive projects…

Included are two versions: - Mix without choir 1:01 - Mix with choir 1:01

2. Before the Battle 1:18

“Before the Battle” is an epic, cinematic piece with a military vibe. It features strings, trumpet, brass, choir and a driving snare rhythm. This piece is suitable for heroic and emotional scenes (for example: a commander giving a speech before a battle).

3. The Story Unfolds 1:54

A cinematic and orchestral piece featuring solo cello, lyrical woodwind lines and full string orchestra. This track conveys a mystical mood. It would be perfect for a scene or the intro in a fantasy adventure or role playing game.

4. Courage 1:42

An epic, cinematic, trailer piece featuring spiccato strings, choir, pounding percussion and horns.

This piece is perfect for action or adventure scenes in a movie, game, TV production, a trailer etc.

5. Epic Modern Underscore 1:42

An epic, hybrid piece featuring full orchestra made for your next blockbuster, advertisement, trailer or video hive project.

Included are two versions: - Full Mix 1:42 - Loop 0:20

6. Modern Hybrid Trailer 0:43

This piece is a modern and powerful hybrid trailer with synth sounds and heavy percussion. The perfect impact music for your next trailer, advertisement or videohive project.