The World Keeps Spinning Around

Instrumental Version Included

A joyful song, optimistic and uplifting. drum sticks rhythem, finger snaps, piano chords and human voices makes it a very light, bouncy and moving tune. Suits all kind of genres: commercials, kids, animation, presentations, family, as a theme song etc.

Both the preview and the main file includes an instrumental version which helps you edit and loop as you please.
00:00 – 02:09 – song
02:10 – 04:19 – instrumental
main file duration:
2:09 – song
2:09 – instrumental.


When you’r sad and blue
and everything is putting you down
you know the world keeps spinning around
you know you’r not alone

Its time to let it go, just make it so
that everyone could see you glow
and shine
Its time to break away , a brand new day
so clear your head and put it all behind
Cause all the bad is gone, just sing this song
you’ll never ever be alone
so shine shine shine
You know the world keeps spinning around…