Save your money with this great music pack, especially conceived for buisness/corporate videos, movie trailers, video games and film scores, or TV advertising!

An astonishingly wide and rich palette of timbers, approaches and orchestral arrangements to add sparkle, deepness and a cheerful yet elegant vibe to your video productions, movie trailers or film scores.

Also great for video games, corporate promo and cartoons or any children contents. Most of these tracks suits well also the warm, delicate and magical mood of Christmas and family holidays. A complex blend of instrumental choices, from sweet, comforting, to cheerful, energetic, playful and funny moments, from whimsical to romantic arrangements.

This is a brilliant selection of professionally recorded orchestral scores with that intricate, deep Hollywood sound!

This Music Pack includes the following tracks, for a total of more than 15 minutes of orchestral music!

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Tracks Length:

Uplifting and Motivational Orchestra: Track Length: 4:53

Jazz Band and Orchestra Fun: Track Length: 2:45

Funny Orchestra Shapes: Track Length: 1:26

Catching These Flies: Track Length: 1:38

Scherzo in SIb Maj for Happy Voices and Orchestra: Track Length: 1:51

Tiptoe Chase: Track Length: 0:54

Happy and Funny!: Track Length: 1:08

The Village Party Fanfare: Track Length: 0:40

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