The Sweetness You Don't Expect

A fresh melody with merry and sweet ukulele strum, lite piano melody, glock bells, rhodes piano, happy clapping, bass and tambourine. Suits to motivational, positive thinking and all those media where you need a joyful smile.

Plenty of good vibes and an uplifting mood, with a sweet touch for corporate media, video, advertising.

Included 2 versions at the price of one ;)

1st version with warm strings in background.

2nd version without warm strings.

The strings add some more sweetnes and warmth, the version without stays more crispy.

You find here also many loops, so you can build a longer or different version for your media.

Here the list of contents:

Version with strings – Starts at 0:00 – Duration: 2:35

Version with no strings – Starts at 2:35 – Duration: 2:35

Loop 1 – Starting theme with no strings – Starts at 5:07 – Duration: 0:12

Loop 2 – Theme 2 with piano, ukulele, handclaps, bass – Starts at 5:21 – Duration: 0:12

Loop 3 – Theme 2 with piano, ukulele, handclaps, bass, glock, rhodes, tambourine – Starts at 5:35 – Duration:0:12

If you need some more editing or loops please let me know, you’re welcome.

If you use this track, please drop me a line :)