The Sky Is The Limit

The Sky Is The Limit


“The Sky is The Limit” features a positive and uplifting energy, combining popular elements from indie rock music in concert with highly marketable undertones to a young-at-heart audience. The buildup to the chorus conveys a steady energy, transcending past the speakers to the listener. Upon hearing this song for critique, colleagues of mine described this tune as harboring a strong sense of motivation to create. Overdrive guitars, driving bass, energetic drums, and catchy piano highlights accent excitement, anticipation, and desire for adventure.

When I wrote this song, I envisioned a road trip, with dawn sunlight traversing the car windows, and a group of young adults on the road to adventure. Excitement is seeping into the car, akin to the energy conveyed through the unknown song being played. Hopes, dreams, and future are portrayed by “The Sky is The Limit”. Off to college, new home, vacation, or to wherever the desert-crossing inter-state is leading them, they need to know that this moment needs to be documented and shared—and the possible inadequacies faced by modern technology should not hold them back. If you need to express that modern-day limitations will not hamper your progress—neither for your team or your product—this is the song for you.

Your goals are not adequate; neither is your vision. Do not settle for adequacy. Go with what accurately describes your vision. This song is for you.

Fits With These Projects

  • Positive Videos
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Youthful Product Branding
  • iPhone / iPad / Android Apps
  • High Energy Business Conferences
  • Radio Commercials
  • Websites
  • Television Commercials

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