Live. Fight. Get up. Always…

New Horizons

The Modern Quest is about the world we live in, the battles we fight, what we’ve achieved and what we’ve lost.

It’s a very strong and powerful track with rock and orchestral influences, that grows leading to an epic and uplifting finale.
It can be used in a variety of situations: motivational videos, documentaries, trailers, advertising, etc.

Your File includes:
1- The Main Track – 2:09 (0:00-2:09);
2- A Long Loop – 0:57 (2:10-3:08);
3- An Intro Loop – 0:09 (3:09-3:19);
4- A Verse Loop – 0:09 (3:20-3:30);
5- A short Finale – 0:04 (3:31-3:35);

The various loops already offer great customization possibilities but if you need more, for example an extended 3 minutes version or maybe a 60 seconds version, just let me an email and let me know and we’ll discuss it!

Thank You for listening!

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